I ❤️ NYc

I am 5 and this is the BIG APPLE! However, I think my Bop is wrong because this place looks nothing like an apple. It's lights. It's trains. It's thousands of cars and people coming and going and I am starting to think that they never sleep. We spent three days walking the streets, sight seeing and eating our hearts out! Oh, and we went shopping, obviously.

FOOD! Everywhere you look. Amazing food to eat. All kinds, shapes and flavors. My favorite place to eat was Eataly. This place had everything and anything. From Le Verdure produce to Manzo the butcher centered restaurant, the selection seemed endless. Six eateries to boast, all unique in flavor and presentation.

Our double decker bus top tour, “TOP VIEW”, let me see the city from a whole other point of view. Being able to see some of the most famous spots all on one tour was perfect. The open air top allowed me to take some pretty neat pictures along the way. My favorite was driving through Time Square late in the evening. The endless glowing lights shinning is a sight I will never forget.

Also being able to see Rockefeller center was a dream come true. I can’t wait to go back at Christmas to ice skate beneath the holiday lights. My mom says Christmas in New York is the best! Maybe if we are lucky it will even snow when we are there.

I am already planning my next visit. I hope to be able to take my brothers next time. I know they will love the M&M store as much as I did!



Whale Watching!

A dream come true for my 5 year old daughter and I. Bundled up with blanket and hat we set sail through the Gloucester Harbor. Out past the Eastern Point Lighthouse and into the blue waters with hopes to see the mammals of the deep. For 16 miles we steamed off shore and then there we saw them, a pod of Humpback whales being escorted by dolphins and a congregation of seagulls, all taking advantage of the sardine feast. Blows and Breaches. Tail and Chin slaps. Spy Hopping and Logging. The whales put on a show. With every whales appearance our boat greeted them with eagerness and encouragement. It was cold, very cold. Next time we will be sure to pack our winter jackets. Somehow we did managed to stay somewhat warm with all the excitement around us. Even before we reached the shore I had already made plans to return. This trip proved to be an investment for our daughter. It was an experience she will never forget. We cant wait to get back. If you'd like more information scroll down to the bottom and check out Cape Ann Whale Watch!

Whale Tail.

Whale Watching with Cape Ann Whale Watch!

415 Main Street

Gloucester, Massachusetts 01930

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Offer expires October 15th, 2017. "View humpback and fin whales as they feed and play within close range of the 115 foot boat, Hurricane II."